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Chronic Care Management

Great Healthcare Beyond the Office.

Physicians and agencies - collaborate with pharmacists providing value-based, chronic-care management - at zero cost to you or your patients.

Reduce your Workload

Let us help your patients and residents manage their chronic conditions remotely while decreasing hospitalizations through expert value-based care.

Trusted Partners

We dedicate premier clinical pharmacists to manage patient's pharmacotherapy, medication interactions, and side effects.  Let us ‘close the gap’ for patients in between their appointments with you. 

Ease of Use

Our pharmacists will integrate with your existing workflow/EHR and provide appropriate resolutions to medical issues, while maintaining transparency with you and your team.  We determine patient eligibility, complete enrollment, assist with billing, and set up appointments.

Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM)

We offer FREE diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight monitors and supplies for your patients.  This helps us to monitor their stats, all while keeping you in the loop

Revenue Boost

Perform all of the care as we extend healthcare from the office to your patient's home - reducing your workload while you gain extra revenue, all at no cost to you.

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