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It all started when…

Sedgwick Pharmacy was founded in 1978 by Michael Agovino.  Built on the tenants of hard work, tireless devotion, and gaining trust in the community - Sedgwick Pharmacy has evolved into one of the leading healthcare providers in the city.  What was once a small pharmacy serving just a few clients is now a large and vibrant setting that reaches patients all the way from Westchester through the five boroughs.  Day in and day out, what was started by Michael over 41 years ago is now continued by Vincent Mazzamuto and Adam Agovino. 

We remain focused on keeping the members of their extended family - people in the neighborhood, consumers, and patrons - in good health and well-being. Making the pharmacy the wellness center of the neighborhood has been and will always be the mission of all the employees of the pharmacy. We invite you to stop in today and get the Sedgwick Pharmacy experience!